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217. Become familiar with these visual cues so that you can quickly and easily make choices while driving on the road.

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26 CHAPTER 3 PAVEMENT MARKINGS, TRAFFIC SIGNS, LIGHTS, AND SIGNALS NO PASSING ZONE NO PASSING ZONE NO PASSING ZONES Two-lane roads may haveno passing zones” marked with a SOLID YELLOW LINE. 29 signs, signals and road markings 3 In chapter 2, you and your vehicle, you learned about some of the controls in your vehicle.
This chapter is a handy reference section that gives examples of The Convention on Road Signs and Signals, commonly known as the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals, is a multilateral treaty designed to increase road safety and aid international road traffic by standardising the signing system for road trafficroad signs, traffic lights and road markings) in use internationally. This convention was agreed upon by the United Nations Economic and.


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